Choosing a Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Your new countertops have been installed and youve updated the cabinetry. Your kitchen remodel is just about complete. But, youre looking at your kitchen thinking to yourself, somethings missing. The stainless steel appliances are in and looking great, so what is it thats making your remodel seem incomplete?It could be the backsplash. If youve ever repainted a room you understand how paint can transform the look and feel. An old and outdated space seem clean and revitalized just by giving it a new coat of paint. Well, a lackluster kitchen can experience the same transformation by simply installing a new backsplash.Image a businessman wearing a really nice suit that he just picked up from Calvin Klein or Kenneth Cole. Hes got the new suit, fancy wingtip shoes and even a great looking belt. Theres obviously something missing to this picture, right? Where is his tie?A kitchen without a backsplash is like a businessman without a tie. It doesnt seem complete because there is something missing. A great tie is empowering and it will help certain men to standout from the rest of the pack. Well, a great backsplash will help to provide your kitchen with a pop.Sometimes there can seem like a great divide between your granite countertops and wall cabinets. Leaving that space bare might cause a feeling of disconnect for some. Those antique white cabinets look great and you love the look of the King Ivory counters you just installed, but how can you bring the two together? Well, installing an amber subway tile would do the trick.

You see, you dont want a kitchen thats too dark or too bright. Maybe youre a Port Cherry cabinetry type of person, but you also love the look of the Nero Stella granite counters. You could paint the kitchen a lighter color, but installing a lighter backsplash would provide your kitchen with the contrast it needs.In this video, Melissa explains the importance of choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen. Take a moment to watch, itll take less than two minutes of your time:Its important that you choose the right backsplash for your kitchen. Maybe you feel like you already have a lot going on in your kitchen, I wouldnt recommend installing a mosaic tile backsplash, subway would be the way to go. However, maybe your design is pretty simple and a little extra flair wouldnt hurt, mosaic or metropolis tile would certainly be the way to go.If youre considering installing a new backsplash, give us a call and well schedule you for a free in-home consultation with one of our expert designers. Dont just remodel your home, transform it!

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